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The story begins back in 1927 when the company and the Yankee Polish came into being. For a long time, the company was engaged in the production of professional clothing care products. But soon it was decided to enter the mass market, which immediately led to the success of housewives who appreciated the quality of the products.

After 70 years, Oricont continued the traditions of Yankee Polish, launching the brand under the new name. During the long years of its existence, LUXUS PROFESSIONAL products have established themselves as an example of German quality, and have become the hallmark of Oricont.

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Brand, developed in Germany and produced according to German technologies in Ukraine. Products appeared on store shelves just a few years ago but already took a strong position in the market through the use of the highest quality standards of the European level.

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Cosmetic products for body care, based on the latest developments of modern cosmetology. Highly effective products contain natural ingredients - oils and extracts. All this makes the line recognizable and rapidly gaining popularity.

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One of the most prominent examples of private label originally developed and manufactured in Germany. At the request of the client, the entire series of laundry detergents was created from scratch, from packaging design to a unique formulation. To date, the line, produced in Ukraine, consists of 15 items, but in the future will become much wider.

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Translated from the German KRAFT ZWERG means "dwarf-strongman." This name was not chosen by chance, because all the products of the brand were developed by Oricont specifically to help housewives even in the most difficult cases, be it washing or cleaning. A distinctive feature of this brand is high efficiency with minimal effort.

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TM Yarelle

Cosmetics for body and hair care. The natural components in the composition and delicate aromas all make the line recognizable and rapidly gaining popularity.